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Another "Eheims Dirt Cheap" post

Hi everyone,
I was thumbing thru my October '01 issue of Aquarium Fish Monthly and read 
the www.bigalsonline.com ad, and they are selling the Eheim 2217 Classic Plus 
with media for $99.99 (US). Nothing else to buy. The cheapest I had ever seen 
this filter previously was $118 (US) in another Big Als print ad. I paid $135 
MO with another outfit a few months ago and thought I got a really good 

This is the least expensive I have ever seen this great filter. I have three 
of them on my tanks. Big Als has great customer service also, IME. I have 
ordered from them several times.

How they make any money on these is beyond me! No afiliation, just a 
satisfied customer. Thought I'd pass this on to anyone loooking for a new