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Re: Dual stage regulators and CO 2 Setups

Dave Gomberg wrote:
"I have sold many many reels of rubbery-flubbery silicone tubing
(silicon tubing would likely be made of glass) and it has shown no
signs of breaking down in three years.  Any plastic or glass tubing
should resist degradation by CO2 very well.   The most important thing
about the tubing is that it makes a good seal with the fittings used
and stays on."

Thanks for the correction.  "Silicon" is the name for the tetravalent
nonmetallic element (you'll find it number 14 with a bullet on your
periodic table), while "silicone" is generally used to refer to
polymeric compounds containing the element and lsightly less often to
any material that contains any amount of such oymeric compounds.  The
difference is not lost on me.  I mad a mistak.  ;-)

Adding your findings to the mix, it seems that any normal vinyl AND
rubbery-flubbery tubing will do just fine for CO2 injection and no
special tubing is necessary.  The tubing just has to fit the parts. 
Therefore, beware of those that tell you that you need or try to sell
you "special" CO2 tubing.

Scott H.

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