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Re: My name and ugly-looking rhizome

Hey KL, thanks for answering my questions! And thanks for doing
so much to help the defense fund ... you are a dear and generous
person!  :-)

For anyone else who's thinking, still thinking ... sitting on the fence
... allow
me to give you a push! KL sent me a generous bunch of that gorgeous
Christmas Moss and two healthy-looking rhizomes. I can't begin to tell
how excited I am about getting these plants. So why don't you share
in the excitement? You'll be contributing to a very worthy cause and
some unique aquatic plants too, all the way from Singapore!


>> Dear Loh or Kwek Leong -- how do you prefer to be addressed?
>> I got the Christmas Moss package last night, and was absolutely
>> delighted! I also saw what looked like a small rhizome in there.
>> Is that a piece of narrow-leaf Java fern?

> Hi, folks,
> The quoted message was sent to me through private email.  I'm
answering her
> 2 questions on the mailing list because I've been asked many times how
I should
> be addressed and I think I will be asked many times soon on what is
> funny looking rhizome that came with the moss....

Shireen Gonzaga
Baltimore, MD
whimbrel at home_com