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Eheim 2126 and outside the tank heaters

Thought I would ask this with the Eheim discussion going on.  I'm trying to 
decide between Model 2026 and 2126.  The difference is that the 2126 comes 
with a 180 watt integrated heater.  I was wondering if it is less efficient 
to heat the water outside the tank since the heated water travels through 
the tubes on its way to the tank encountering colder room air.  I would 
think heating in the tank would be more efficient but is the difference 
small?  It might be nice to hide the heater but I'm not sure if that heater 
size would even be adequate.  I know people with 75 gallon tanks who have 
300 watt heaters.

Another question I have is have I sized the filter correctly. Is the 
2026/2126(with heater) rated for 250 gph a better size than the 
2028/2128(with heater)275 gph.  The larger filters have 3 media containers.  
I don't want to blow my plants around the tank.


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