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RE:water softness

Cavan asks

<If soft water plants can take harder water, can
<water plants take soft?

I don't think so. Soft water is nutrient deficient
water and hard water plants will quickly suffer from
insufficient K ,Mg ,Ca (the hardwater nutrients)
<What exactly is it about water hardness that affects
<a plants growth?

Apart from the above I believe softer water tends to a
lower pH. Harder water ,with its usually higher pH
(unless CO2 injected) will tend to have most of its
CO2 in the form of bicarbonates, which are not
accessible to many softwater plants   
<I have noticed that my wallichii looks better in
<that's a bit soft.  Why?  It still grows in harder
<conditions, but can look a bit ratty then.

This could be a sign of Carbon deficency through CO2
conversion to bicarbonates and its consequent "theft"
by the hard water adapted plants.
If you haven't got hold of a copy of Diana Walstads
book yet, I would suggest you do as it has a large
section devoted to this very subject.

Dave Morris
New Zealand

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