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Zucchini Success!

Sounds like a dish on one of those awful "surprise chef" shows... I
have to report that the addition of zucchini (grown emersed, no doubt)
has proven a complete success.

My 4 x SAEs are growing rapidly, and eat as much as they can stuff into
themselves.  Dried food, sinking wafers, algae, you name it, they're
devouring it and leaving not much for anyone else.

Before they arrived, I had a Rineloricaria parva that was growing and
quite happy to swim and eat around the front of the tank.  In the last
couple of weeks she has been hiding on a log at the back of the tank
and is noticeably thinner.  No longer will she come out for a wafer -
the SAEs gobble it up and even the corydoras have to get a bit
aggressive to eat some.

After four days of having a weighted zucchini slice at the front of the
tank, the SAEs are a lot more docile (probably stuffed so full they can
hardly swim) and this morning my whiptail came out of hiding and
started snacking bigtime on the zucchini.

Thanks, guys, not only is my tank nice and clean and the plants growing
well, but you've probably saved my nice little whiptail as well.


Charlie Lear
Melbourne, Australia