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How soft is safe?

I would like to discuss some more something that I
brought up in my water hardening post.  Why are
Amano's tanks so soft?  Most in Nature Aquarium World
are 2 dGH.  

If soft water plants can take harder water, can harder
water plants take soft?  What exactly is it about
water hardness that affects a plants growth?  Could
you always grow any plant as long as there some
measurable hardness?  

I'm kind of stabbing at the question I'm trying to
When someone says soft water is needed for a certain
plant, what reasons do they give (regardless of
whether they are right)?  

I have noticed that my wallichii looks better in water
that's a bit soft.  Why?  It still grows in harder
conditions, but can look a bit ratty then.  I guess it
could always be something else that I have failed to


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