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> Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2001 10:27:13 -0700
> From: Olga Betts <saefish at mac_com>
> Subject: Blue green algae question
> Hi everyone,
> It's been ages since I've been on APD. I'm returning because
> I'm about to
> throw my tank out the window!!

I knew you couldn't leave:) Always the open door here.

> I have recurring blue-green algae. I can kill it but it keeps
> coming back.
> What is it I need to add or delete to deter it?
> tank is 50 gals, gravel with terralit, light fish load, lots
> of light,
> injected CO2, many plants - been up and running for years (as
> those of you
> who have been on here a long time will know). I'm using PMDD..
> the adjusted
> mix. I haven't been measuring things like iron, nitrate etc.
> because all
> worked fine without knowing those things. My understanding is
> if nitrate is
> missing blue-green will grow but there should be plenty of
> nitrate in
> there. What is it exactly that blue-green loves?

Well the old notion that it can use N2 from the air is a myth.
The genera that infest our tanks doesn't have the structures
necessary for this(it cannot use N2 from the air).

> Any suggestions?
> Olga
> in Vancouver

1) Blackout
2) good freqent water changes combined with adding fresh NPK +
traces back after each change then ading KNO3/PO4/traces about
every 2-3rd day. Most folks can do it by estimations rather than
getting into testing/buying kits etc. Not that kits are not
important but I do not think you need them personally knowing
your history:)
Simply knowing your tap water's chemistry, what your adding to
get 5ppm of NO3 etc, you can hit pretty close with adding things
in this manner. + or - 1-2ppm of NO3 is not going to make much
difference, neither is the PO4 levels, mainly as long as some is
there until you add more later(the 2-3 day thing).
3)manual removal
4) Antibiotics
5)physical harrasment-adding flow to the infected area, removing
substrates of growth(floating plants, slow moving areas etc.)
6)All of these can be combined well.

I use all of them myself but the antibiotic.
FWIW, I have looked at samples from over 30 tanks. All of them
had BGA. You cannot see it most every tank, but it IS THERE
waiting. Most algae are just the same. And so are the cures.
I personally would use 2# and 3# and that would knock out most 
BGA issues. Try weekly or 2x a week attacks and water changes.
Blackout next if this does not do what you want. And add the
blackout to 2 and 3. BGA has not lasted beyond this stage for
Tom Barr

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