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Re: Weird Bug

Hi Daphne,

I think what you have described is a kind of nympth. These 
discoveries like this are a very fascinating part of the hobby to me. 
I've posted a photo of the one that I recently found at 

Hopefully, that photo will help to identify your bug. Mine was about 
1/2" long and reminded me of a katydid or a praying mantis.

There are many kinds of nympths that can show up in your tank. Mayfly 
and dragonfly nympths are two that I can think of. They can be 
predatory to very small fish and fry especially. So, if you have fry 
in your tank, it's wise to remove them. Mine was green and matched my 
plants so well that when I saw him floating during a water change, I 
thought it was a clump of algae. Then I said to myself, "OMG, that 
algae is swimming." LOL

It probably made it's way into your tank when a fully grown bug of 
some kind laid eggs in the water. Coincidently, I had noticed a 
dragonfly in the house, near my tank the week before this little 
critter showed up.

Hope that helped.