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weird bug

About 2 weeks ago I noticed (this is about a 2 month old setup) a weird
looking "bug" in my new tank.  I thought perhaps it had come in from outside
and fallen in tank.  I've seen it twice before tonight.  Tonight was the
first time I ran to get the net and he hadn't disappeared.  He doesn't have
fins or anything like that.  He kind of jumps around in water on sides and
bottom like a bug that has fallen in water and doesn't really belong there
yet he has been living in there for 2 weeks at least. He is in a plastic box
hung on inside of tank.  I don't know what it is, if it has or would do any
damage or if it has already laid 10 thousand eggs in my tank. Here is the

He/She/It is about 3/4 inch long.
Light tannish/neutral color.  Similar to Amano shrimp color.
Chunky head/body.  It isn't thin at all.
Triangular head with 2 big eyes almost on sides.  Looks like fly eyes. Head
reminds me of a katydid.
Body is jointed to head and is flattish on bottom and comes up rounded on
top, almost pointed.  Sort of like a triangular shape on cross-section but
not quite that aggressive a point on top. Its butt comes to a point that
sticks up slightly.
Two smallish wings or at least they look like wings, slightly darker brown.
Body has armor like sections with every other thin scale a bit darker brown.
Looks striped underneath.
Six legs that jut out and then down on a 90 degree angle and then last
(third) section juts out at about a 30 degree angle.  Looks like grasshopper
or cricket legs.
Even though it has katydid head and grasshopper legs the body is too short
and fat to look like it belongs in that grouping.  But then again, I have no
It is ugly as sin.  Of course I am not into bugs... (although the "bugs" we
ate in Australia were out of this world, no one would tell us what they
really were but it wasn't really a bug, looked like a baby lobster with no
claws and a squashed head.  oops, sorry for the tangent.)  Maybe I shouldn't
say that part about being ugly, I hope it doesn't have a lawyer bug in the
box in the morning waiting to sue me...

Daphne, keeper of the weird bug