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Re: Eheims and HOT's

I personally like both. But if I'm going to spend more than
100$US I get a sump or a wet/dry hang etc. I have no problems
with my HOT's and Yes, I get very long cleaning intervals with
the HOT's by simply using something like the 3/8" lava etc and
the chemical insert with a foam pad. Last for months. You can
also add their reverse flow spong over the filter intake and
this will increaee the cleaning time to about 6 months. 
Using CPVC and some vinyl tubing you can add a spray bar easily.
Or clear acrylic thick walled tubing.
I like Eheims and like servicing them but they are very
expensive. The HOT's have the option of using the micron filter.
I like the volume of the media that you can add to the Eheim.
But comparing prices and worth, a sump with surface skimming
cannot be beat in the Eheim's price range. At 35-45$ MO for the
HOT, that's mighty cheap. A few of the HOT's I have are pretty
old now. Same goes for the Eheims. Both can gurgle out air and
make some noise. I do prefer the Ehiem if the noise issue is a
big factor.
Tom Barr  

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