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Re: shrimp

>>It just dawned on me from Robert H's post that after having a 2 month old
setup I still don't throw anything in for my shrimp. Thought they might like
the worms. They are having a ball and even with metal halide you can always
see some of them.  I got them strictly to work but find them fascinating.
Also wonder if they would eat sinking shrimp pellets....<<

I made my post on pellets before I even read this! lol. I have seen them eat
just about any type of fish food I put in there. I do not make a special
effort to feed them because they will always find something left over from
what is meant for the fish. They seem to have a very strong radar or smell
for food though...as soon as the food hits the water, they come out from
hiding and get to it almost before the fish do. When I first added the
shrimp to this tank, I had green thread/hair algae growing in thick clumps
on the peices of wood attached to the glass. Within a week they picked it
clean and it has never returned. There is a little brush algae on the wood
still which they do not seem to touch. Now I put in algae and shrimp flakes
alternatlely, and shrimp pellets occasionally.

There are two or three WEB sites dedicated to freshwater shrimp, and one of
the most respected sites for its detailed info on shrimp is Joes Aquatic
Lounge. His articles on shrimp have been reprinted in magazines and other
WEB sites. Lots of good info there.

Robert Paul H