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Re: shrimp

>>A while ago I posted to the list asking about how
many Amano shrimp I should use for a 40-gallon planted
tank, and I still haven't gotton any replies. Would
about eight or ten be about right? That would give me
one for every four or five gallons.<<

Amano has recommended a specific number of shrimp per
liter, but I can't remember the exact number.  I do
recall, that it was high.

I don't think there is a right answer.  There are a
lot of factors, such as tank conditions.  The higher
the risk for algae, the more likely I would be to
include more shrimp.  Cost can be a factor for many
people.  I think that 10 is probably on the low side,
but what is adequate and what is best are two
different things, and probably unknown to us. 
Personally, I think they are really cool, and the more
you have, the more likely you will be able to see a
few of them while the lights are on.  Another thing to


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