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Re: Re:Re: More shrimp questions...

Yesterday I wrote:
All of the shrimp, including the Amano need more than just algae to feed on.
They go nuts for shrimp flake, ironicaly enough, and need protein as part of
their diet. <<

An interesting side note: Last night I was amazed when I watched one of the
Amanos pick up a good sized brine shrimp PELLET and wisk it away with no
trouble. He munched on it for half an hour consuming all but a small morsel
that he lost to another amano. I have lots of plants in this tank, including
aponogeton ulvaceus which gives them many places for cover as well as
enabling them to rest on leaves floating at the surface giving them access
to floating food. I  have peices of wood siliconed directly to the back
glass at various levels and clay gravel siliconed to the back glass. This
enables the shrimp to literally walk up the glass, sit on wood only inches
from the water surface, and just have a grand old time! I also find it
fascinating to see how fast they can move when they want to. They can propel
themselves in the water incredibly quickly.

Robert Paul H
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