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Re: Radican

Richard Sexton wrote:

> Last week I yanked 3 Echinodorus cordifolius ("Radican sword") from
> the shore of a local lake; they were grosing quite emersed.
> ping 
> Yeah, they really do grow here.

I'm surprised.

> They're all in flower. What are my chances of getting viable
> seeds (and how would I do it - paintbrush?)

Echinodorus flowers have male and female parts in the same flower and E.
cordifolius is self-fertile.  You don't need to do anything to get
seeds.  Except have patience.  They take 4-6 weeks to mature.

But actually, I looked at the photos and I don't think that's E.
cordifolius.  The flowering tops don't look right.  The runners on my E.
cordifolius are unbranched.  I'll guess that what you have is some kind
of Sagittaria.  Echinodorus and Sagittaria are both in the family
Alismatacea and are similar in many respects. If it is a Sagittaria then
the flowers should look superficially like an Echinodorus, but there
should be male and female flowers.  The male flowers may be borne toward
the top of the plant while the female flowers are borne farther down.

Roger Miller