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Relationship between BGA and bulbs?

I have been battling BGA in my 45 gallon tank for a while now.  I had 2
triton bulbs and one Zoo Med Ultra Sun over the tank.  The tritons are
18 months old and the zoo  med is probably 6 months old.  I removed one
triton a few weeks back and saw no difference.  I removed the other
triton and replaced it with with a Zoo Med Flora Sun one week ago and
there is NO BGA on the gravel for the first time in a long time.  There
is still a bit on the plants.  I tried removing that by hand this
morning.  But still.. I am amazed at the difference.  The BGA would come
back with a vengeance after I did my weekly 30% water change with the
tritons on the tank.  Nitrates in the tank have been very low (5).

Now my conclusions:  Did my tritons need changing?  I never had BGA for
the first year of the bulbs' life.  Do tritons contribute to BGA?    Is
BGA a sign to change your bulbs?

Something to think about because I was very close to throwing Maracyn in
the tank (again).  Yes my phosphates also have been high and I have been
working on that with phosphate removers.  But the bulb change made such
a significant change that I thought I would throw that thought out to