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Re: Relationship between BGA and bulbs?

According to the literature BGA grows in 'eutrophic' waters.  I looked this
up in the dictionary and it means waters that have plenty of nutrients.  If
your nitrates are low, it doesn't mean that the source of those nitrates are
not abundant.  In all likelihood, the water nitrate levels are kept low by
BGA using them up.  You can view the measureable levels as 'excess'

Whenever I've had any BGA in a tank, it's usually been in areas of poor
circulation.  What I've done and it's worked on more than one occasion is to
attach small powerheads to the back glass to improve circulation.  It has
always worked wonders.

The only place that BGA now grows is on the underside of floating plants
that are not moving and where the water underneath is still.

Just thoughts,

Gabriella Kadar
Toronto, Canada

+AD4-From: SBarnum +ADw-sbarnum+AEA-snet.net+AD4-
+AD4-I have been battling BGA in my 45 gallon tank for a while now.  I had 2
+AD4-triton bulbs and one Zoo Med Ultra Sun over the tank.  The tritons are
+AD4-18 months old and the zoo  med is probably 6 months old.  I removed one
+AD4-triton a few weeks back and saw no difference.  I removed the other
+AD4-triton and replaced it with with a Zoo Med Flora Sun one week ago and
+AD4-there is NO BGA on the gravel for the first time in a long time.  There
+AD4-is still a bit on the plants.  I tried removing that by hand this
+AD4-morning.  But still.. I am amazed at the difference.  The BGA would come
+AD4-back with a vengeance after I did my weekly 30+ACU- water change with the
+AD4-tritons on the tank.  Nitrates in the tank have been very low (5).
+AD4-Now my conclusions:  Did my tritons need changing?  I never had BGA for
+AD4-the first year of the bulbs' life.  Do tritons contribute to BGA?    Is
+AD4-BGA a sign to change your bulbs?
+AD4-Something to think about because I was very close to throwing Maracyn in
+AD4-the tank (again).  Yes my phosphates also have been high and I have been
+AD4-working on that with phosphate removers.  But the bulb change made such
+AD4-a significant change that I thought I would throw that thought out to