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Re: New shoots from dying plants

Kenneth asked:
"Does very bushy growth points of new shoots indicate any problem?"

It is very common for stem plants to have dormant buds at the leaf axil - in
some plants these will stay dormant until something really traumatic happens
to the plant as a whole or to the teminal bud. When such an event occurs,
the dormant buds can wake up and start to grow - its a survival mechanism.
When you transplanted your stem plants they obviously suffered a shock and
started dropping leaves. The plants don't want to die, so they are going
into overdrive to wake up those dormant buds and put out new shoots, in the
hope that the shock was only temporary.

Just continue to maintain your tank properly and everything should be fine.
A plus to this is that each of those new stems can potentially be used as a
cutting to increase the number of plants that you have once they are big
enough to separate.

James Purchase