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Re: Various ways of adding calcium to the tank

Hi Catherine,

>Many moons ago there was some discussion on various ways to administer
>calcium -- I'd like to hear they way you do it in your tank and why (cost,
>ease, effectiveness, etc.)

At the risk of boring everybody by repeating it again, that's what I put
dolomite powder between 2 layers of floss in the filter for, very very cheap
- you can get a whole bag of powdered dolomite from a garden shop for a few
bucks, plus you use  some floss, which lets it dissolve slowly without your
tank getting covered in white powder.  I add about a heaped teaspoon to a 20
gal tank when I do the weekly water change, throwing out the old floss and
adding some more, you could rinse it I suppose.  It raises my Ca from 0 to
40 ppm.

Kind regards,

Susi Barber
in Vancouver, where the sun is struggling to shine!