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Re: Carbo plus

>> Subject: Re: Carbo Plus

> That's the reason I contacted Ellen. I have been wondering about how this
> thing works ever since Merrill first recommended it.  As soon as I get my
> ponds in, I will be able to play with it. I also have to read the entire
> tread on this topic (and a zillion others that I missed over the past 1-2
> years) :-)

You have soft water as I recall. This thing ain't for you unless your going
to be adding CaCO3 etc. I had one and sent it back. My pH probe was whacky
until I removed it. Not a good idea IF your going to keep close tabs on your
pH and CO2 levels. It was quite a bit bigger than I thought also. I'd like
to see something smaller for smaller tanks. I think that would be more ideal
for this type of device IMO.
> I guess you are not interested in science :-)

I am and like the idea but it is not the practical device I'd hoped for, yet
it has some advantages but do they outweigh the disadvantages? Not for me.
But like most of the plant tank dogma, we have to try it ourselves to see if
it's real or not. I did. But CO2 can be extremely important. I can tee off
another valve easily, can't do that with a Carbo plus. So the cost is a very
big deal when speaking of more than one tank and I'm not sure about the
"seasoning" of the C brick for two days first. I don't care to have my CO2
off for that long. I doubt it would hurt but still.... It is simple and
small relative to a gas tank but I can hide that. It is far less scary for
most folks not familiar with gas tanks. I think that is the greatest asset
for this device really. So it does get two green thumbs up for that alone.
But not for soft water unless your willing to add Ca and CO3/HCO3. Well,
hehe, you'll find out all about it soon enough:)
Tom Barr