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Re: CO2 reactors

Mitch is looking for a CO2 reactor for a large tank (1,600 gal!!!). Wow,
I've always wanted a swimming pool with plants and fish.

There are at least two manufacturers who make CO2 reactors for large tanks
(i.e. over 100 gallons) - Dupla and Hydrologix but even with the offerings
from either company you are probably going to need more than one reactor due
to the huge volume of water you are talking about.

I have a Dupla CO2 Reactor S and it is a well made (although expensive) unit
that is flexible enough to be used on a range of larger tanks and can
operate either internally or externally. It requires the use of an
auxilliary water pump. I've never seen the Hydrologix units "in the flesh"
but someone here has - we gave one away as a prize last year in the AGA
Aquascaping Contest. Maybe the winner can post some comments on how well it

For the size tank you are contemplating, perhaps you should contact either
Dupla and/or Hydrologix and ask for their advice on how many units you might
need. You would probably also need quite a bit of pump capacity in the main
tank to ensure adequate circulation of 1,600 gallons of water.

Whatever route you go, I hope that you post pictures of that monster! You
_can_ swim I trust....

James Purchase