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Re: rocks in the aquarium

>>There are other odd-ball rocks and minerals that may effect pH.  Some of
those can be found in a rock shop but otherwise you won't see them.  If you
do want to buy rocks in a rock shop, then you should tell the clerk what you
want to do with the rock.  He or she may be able to steer you
away from problems.<<

Thank you for all the information Roger. It really helps me to have a more
complete picture and reley more accurate information. The rockery that I
purchase from actually packages the rocks specifically for aquarium use. The
types include many forms of quartz, (which I already mentioned) and others
identified as Rainbow, Z-Lite, Lava rock, (we all know what that is), Tufa,
Picture stone, Onyx, Obsidian, Pagoda stone, Travertine, Mariposa, Sodalite,
petrified wood, slate, sandstone and Geodes. Do any of these send up any red

Robert Paul H