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I believed yeast has stunted plant growth.

For the past few weeks, I've noticed considerable stunted plant growth in my
2 ft tank that's been contaminated with yeast,sugar, alcohol....
In the past, my plant growth was excellent. Green tiger lotus send out new
leaves every 5 days that grows to big nice leaves.
Didiplis diandra growing fast and healthy. Water sprite grows like weed.
Just to name some.
Now, almost all of them have shown super slow growth. Leaves on stem plants
like didiplis diandra, rotala rotundifolia are so small and thin.... as if
suffering from malnutrition. The only plant that seems all right is the
riccia. The rest are pathetic.

I do not think there's anything wrong with my lighting, CO2 and fertilizer.

I was thinking that plants make food by converting CO2 to sugar for their
own use. What if yeast actually convert the sugar in them to other products?
Supposing that yeast are colonizing my tank which I can't see.

Just a thought.