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Re: Algae Challange - and beyond (a.k.a. Newbie #2)

<<  Where did all of my Phosphate likely come from.  I don't over feed, and
 none in the tap water.  Originally, I used Bulls-eye, but stopped several
 weeks ago and several big water changes ago.  Is that it?  Regardless of the
 source, do I just do a lot of water changes to get it down, or by building
 up Nitrate, Iron and Trace will it fall as plants increase overall nutrient
 absorption (with all other nutrients being manually replenished). >>

I used to use a phosphate buffer (AP pefect Ph) before I gained some 
experience in planted tanks. It took me lots of water changes to get the PO4 
level down. If your tap is 0 and your not introducing any Po4,s besides food, 
then the level will come down with water changes and plant use. I think it 
takes so long because your only diluting what's in the tank.

Jeff Vamos
Cessnabum1 at aol_com