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Re: Algae Challange - and beyond (a.k.a. Newbie #2)

>>1.  Where did all of my Phosphate likely come

Maybe from the chemicals you are using to increase the
GH and KH.

Who was it on the list who said that you take big
risks when you add chemicals you aren't familiar with?

>>5.  I have never gotten any pearling.  Is this
simply due to not yet having
the correct nutrient levels for plants to properly

Not all plants pearl equally.  Riccia, for example, is
a champion pearler.  So it kind of depends on what you
have in your tank.  In my experience, pearling is
directly proportional to co2 level.

>>7.  Since I have a Fluorite and Laterite substrate
and no currently
detectable Iron levels in the water, should I strive
for iron limited water
(along with, or in place of Phosphate limited) to try
the Sears-Collins
concept on high plant growth and algae control?  If
one does limit iron in
the water, how does one deal with the other trace
elements (one would have
to stop adding trace to limit iron)?<<

That you have no detectable iron doesn't necessarily
mean anything.  It could be that you are using the
iron as fast as it is added.

My tanks often have no detectable nitrogen, and are
always less than 5ppm.  But that doesn't mean that my
plants are lacking nitrogen.  To my simple mind,
dosing to deficiency makes more sense than the
chemical crockpot method.

The other questions, I will defer to the experts.


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