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What are the risk of yeast seeping into water?

My DIY CO2 setup is simple enough. I simply got a 100 ml glass bottle that
comes with a rubber stopper (an empty chinese cough syrup bottle), poke a
few holes on the stopper, mix the yeast-sugar concoction and place the whole
bottle directly under water. My concoction doesn't foam much but still I can
see some white-yellowish stuff creeping up the bottle and perhaps might
escape thru the tiny holes. Could yeast pose a serious algae problem like
Thomas Barr said? What kind of algae? And how it can create an algae bloom?
Pls do not advise me to buy a CO2 gas cylinder or build an external DIY CO2
system. IMO, they are so unsightly and bulky, I have no space 4 'em :(

Chee Ming