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RE: SAE behaviour question

Hi Mihai,

One of my SAE, now a submarine size, hang out with
crown loaches all the time.  He grew up in my 10 G tank
with crown loaches and cory cats, etc.  There was
another SAE in the tank but it jumped out to my cat's
delight.  When he was moved to 75G tank along with a
pair of crown loaches and a few cory cats, he started
hanging around with the crown loaches.  When I traded
these humongous crown loaches for smaller ones, the SAE
immediately bonded with the new bunch.  They are great
buddies now.  I always find them together.  They hide
together and eat together.  I added several smaller
SAE's but he paid no attention to them.  The smaller
SAE, now submarine size as well, are schooling together
by themselves, although one of them seems to be more of
a loner.  My otto cats seem to like to hang out with
each other, too.  I always find them in small groups in
my 75G tank.  I think your otto and SAE are fine
together.  Your otto cat may not mind having a friend