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Re: What are the risk of yeast seeping into water?

Chee Ming stated and asked:
"My DIY CO2 setup is simple enough......"
"Pls do not advise me to buy a CO2 gas cylinder or build an external DIY CO2

Very well, since you said you don't want advice, I won't offer you any,
although I think your setup is an accident waiting to happen. I would be
interested to read of your ongoing experiences with this highly unusual
method. It would be interesting to see photographs of your CO2 generator in
operation, perhaps you could post them to a web site, or if you don't have
one, forward them to another APD member who maintains one so that we can all
have a look. I would be expecially interested in your observations of what
happens when the yeast mixture leaks out into the water column.

Good luck.

James Purchase