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Re: GW and UV

> History - The tank is about 4 months old, with laterite substrate, heavily
> planted, CO2 enriched. pH 7.2, kH 4, gH 3 or 4. Things were going GREAT; I
> got the green water the day after a heavy pruning, and it's hung around for
> nearly a month despite lights out, water changes, etc...

Well your CO2 is too low. Your CO2 at those lighting levels should be more

> My theory is that I way overdid the lights, and added too much ferts too
> early. Once I get this under control, I'm going to dose ferts only when
> plants appear to need it, and increase the light from 440 watts cautiously
> and gradually. Would some one confirm my plan or recommend a different one?
> Thanks!

Well you can either keep on things the way you have them and also add more
fert's and CO2 or you can lower the light some and add a bit less nutrients
and less CO2 But I'd still keep my CO2 higher no matter what.
Tom Barr