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Re: UV and green water

In a message dated 7/14/01 3:57:14 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at ActWin_com writes:

<< . Would some one confirm my plan or recommend a different one?
 Thanks! >>


IMO, a movable hang-on type UV is a good investment, especially if you have 
several aquariums. They are good for other things besides algae too.

A diatom filter isn't a bad thing to have around either if you have the spare 
bucks. I bought one initially to solve a green water problem similar to 
yours. Didn't work for that on a permanent basis. The green kept coming back 
at day or two after I removed the diatom. I still use the diatom now and then 
for times when auxiliary filtration is needed - like after a major tank redo. 
I'd purchase it for that reason alone - especially if one has a big tank like 
yours or several tanks.

1. Cut the water column fertilization and do a major water change.

2. Hook up UV filter and turn lights off for at least two days. After that 
cut back on photo period to 8 - 10 hr. for a while maybe less. If that works 
OK, gradually increase to 12 and go past that at your peril. Plants will 
still grow fine.

3. Fertilize (if any) by substrate spiking only for the next month (at least).

4. Rethink the wattage on that baby. 600 W is asking for trouble IMO and a 
lot of maintenance if nothing else. It's like driving a vehicle at top speed 
- needs total concentration with little room for error - as things happen 
real fast.

Good luck!

Bob Olesen