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Re: snail control

John Guild wrote:

> i was wondering how you kept only "some snails"? i have gone from one to
> hundreds in my 92 gallon and simply can't bring myself to kill them.

The tank has both malaysian trumpet snails and ramshorn snails.  In
times past both have been problems, but at the moment their populations
are under control.  In fact, they're actually getting scarce.

I don't do anything to control the malaysian trumpet snails.  I take out
a few adult ramshorns every week and put them into another tank with
some old botias.  I found that it helps my old clown loach's health when
he gets snails.

It's possible too that the rosey barbs or SAEs pick off the eggs or the
young snails.  The barbs are constantly foraging for food.  They even
trim the hair on my forearm when I reach into the tank to clean or
prune.  Swordtails may also eat the eggs or young.  I don't see very
many young ramshorns in my tanks with swordtails.  Also, my water has
very little calcium; the snail shells are typically thin and white or
white-streaked.  The snails may not live as long as they do in other

Roger Miller