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free plants

Have 3 Aponogeton rigidifolius will send for shipping cost only.  The
plants offered are two at about 16" - 17" and one at about 22" overall
length laid out straight.  In the tank the leaves tend to spread out so
that height is not necessarily needed.   They do need some space!  The
drawback to this plant is an extensive root system.  Getting the plants
out was a chore. Substrate is laterite in bottom layer of gravel.  The
roots of the Apon. are so large that much laterite came up with the
plants and gravel in surrounding areas collapsed.  Will take a couple of
days to recover from this adventure and a while longer for glossostigma
to fill in again.

Let me know off list if you are interested.  Could do a trade if you
have plants that are appropriate for my need - mostly mid height
plants.  Also, I do not know how to ship plants for best results.  If
anyone has any thoughts let me know.  Have easy access to UPS.

Jay Reeves