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Re: The price of Microsorum Pteropus (Java Fern)

Damien asked:

"Java Ferns seem so ridiculously overpriced and my question is why? I
have seem
them selling for up to $30 per plant! They are hardy and do not take
long to
grow.= They should sell for around $6 per plant."

How large a specimen was priced at $ 30.00 per plant? Did it come already
growing attached to a piece of driftwood? What was the condition of the
older leaves? Java Ferns hold onto their older leaves for a considerable
period of time and unless they are grown under excellent conditions, these
older leaves can start to look pretty ratty long before they die, detracting
from the looks and/or value of the plant. But however hardy they are they
must be properly cared for and they do take a while to grow to any size. If
you want adult specimens, you have to be willing to part with some money.
Where do you get the idea that they should sell for $ 6.00 per plant? Do you
have any idea of the costs associated with producing high quality aquatic
plants commercially?

Additionally, there are some varieties of Java Fern that are "variety
patented" and commercial reproduction requires the payment of a licensing
fee to Tropica for each plant reproduced.(http://www.tropica.com/mic1.htm,
http://www.tropica.com/mic2.htm, and http://www.tropica.com/mic3.htm)

Sometimes, the best source for cheap but still well grown plants is other
hobbyists in your area. Many people are willing to trade or even give away
excess plants from their tanks.

"Java fern is expensive because it is slow growing. Comercial growers do
sell it
but it is quite costly to produce. If it could be produced cheaply it
would be."

I can agree with that......see my comments above.

"Does any one else share my feelings that given certain conditions (that
are not necessarily related to how much money you have) java fern can
grow like a weed?"

I can also agree with this......it can be a very vigorous grower, given the
proper conditions. But to grow it on a commercial scale costs money......for
land, buildings, lighting, heating, etc, etc.... All of these costs plus
many more have to be figured into determining the final price for a plant
(or anything else for that matter).

If you find that there is a large difference in the retail price between
similar plants at different retailers, you might have something to complain

James Purchase