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The price of Microsorum Pteropus (Java Fern)

Hello all
someone (somewhere else) asked a question recently on Microsorum
Pteropus (Java Fern) :

Java Ferns seem so ridiculously overpriced and my question is why? I
have seem
them selling for up to $30 per plant! They are hardy and do not take
long to
grow.= They should sell for around $6 per plant.

I'd like people's upfront honest opinions on a response made by a LFS:

Java fern is expensive because it is slow growing. Comercial growers do
sell it
but it is quite costly to produce. If it could be produced cheaply it
would be.

Does any one else share my feelings that given certain conditions (that
are not necessarily related to how much money you have) java fern can
grow like a weed?

I ask because I had java fern in a 3ft 33gallon tank with no Co2 and one
30 wat flourescent fixture and bulb, and it was right next to a north
facing window (I'm in the southern hemisphere) so it got a shaft of
sunlight which slowly worked its way across the whole tank, but sunlight
is free!
What do you think?