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High water temp = more algae?

Hi pple.

I have heard this statement from LFS dealer and aquatic plants dealer. True?
As I stay in Singapore, my room temp is about 30 deg celcius and so the good
thing is I don't need a heater. However, my 72 L tank with 72 watts lighting
always maintain at a temp of 30 deg celcius and sometimes even more
depending on room temp. They even suggested that I get a fan to cool out the
surface. Actually, I doubt their claim and rather believe that its the light
intensity. I know there are more in-depth ways of controlling algae such as
limiting phosphate,nitrate level and by using good plant growth to
outcompete them.(tt's wat i'm doing though still without much success). Hair
algae is not much of a problem as my SAEs constantly clean them up. However,
most of my plants are covered with a green-brownish film which is difficult
to scrape off. What algae is tt? And green spots appear on the glass tank
everyday despite cleaning it everyday. Normal? Doubt so.