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Re: flourite's best deal around


For the best deal try: 


They have it for $12.99. My LFS sells it for $21.99. Ouch! Order 
enough (~5 to 6 bags) so you only have to pay shipping once. 
You'll find a use for any leftovers.

I'd go with the Flourite since you've already invested good money 
on a tank and supplies. It won't let you down, plus I think it's a lot 
more attractive than the Schultz's products. It's a lot heavier, too. 
My experience with Turface is that it raises the alk and hardness 
through CaCO3 I believe. My Ca levels jump from <10ppm to over 
50 after a few days in the tank with Turface. The pH stays around 
7.4-7.6. After several months of water changes, the conditions are 
still the same. My Flourite tanks settle into inertness after a week 
or two. There's plenty of Fe, you'll never keep it long enough to use 
it up.

Jamie    <"\\\><  Aquatic plants, water chemistry, and cichlids