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Amano shrimp deaths

Hi :) (My messages havn't been posting lately, but I'm going to try anyway 
:D )

I purchased 12 amano shrimp one week ago.  About four of them died (or may 
have been eaten - don't know if 2-1/2" clown loaches eat shrimp) after 
putting them in the tank and eight survived.  Then I did a partial water 
change yesterday and they ALL died.  None of the fish in the tank were 
affected - only the shrimp.  It is a newly set-up, 35 gallon nominal tank 
with a DIY CO2 injector.  I do water changes straight from the tap - I did a 
1/4 water change and am wondering if maybe a fluctuation in Ph caused by the 
water change was what caused them to die? (the CO2 reduces the Ph of the 
water from 7.5 from the tap to 7.0 in the tank - but previous Ph tests when 
doing water changes showed no measureable change in the Ph - maybe the 
shrimp are more sensitive? If so, then how do I do water changes without 
killing these expensive little guys?

Thanks for the help :)
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