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Re: Flourite's best deal around

James Purchase wrote:

Are you sure about that Chuck? As far as I can tell, Shultz Clay Soil
Conditioner is merely repackaged Profile. Shultz is a marketing company, not
the manufacturer. The archives of the APD have many posts regarding the
various "versions" of this stuff and also who actually makes it.

Last year, Jamie Johnson ran some very sophisticated tests on a large number
of substrate materials. It was published in Dave Gomberg's Planted Aquaria
Magazine. I had received a copy of the information from Jamie at the time
because I had supplied him with a number of samples for analysis. Here are
the "Iron" findings from that analysis:

Profile        13,200 mg/kg
Turface      10,700 mg/kg
Flourite       9,610 mg/kg
Duplarit G  80,100 mg/kg


Thanks, James. It would appear that I stand corrected. Having not seen
Dave's magazine, it still would have behooved me to have done a search of
the list. As you said, you can't really go wrong by adding additional
laterite, but *perhaps* it's not necessary and $4.00 beats $4.00 plus
another $8.00. I say perhaps because it's my understanding that laterite (at
least First Layer brand) also contains other minerals in addition to iron.
Thanks for the detailed info.