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Swap or Buy CO2 cylinders and gas Quality

Have you thought about talking to you local fire
brigade? They have no axe to grind and will certainly
be able to tell you who can refill your tank. I
personally didn't buy my own bottle because of the
re-testing thing. If you want a bottle retested, find
someone who supplies full face gas masks, they'll be
able to test your bottle for you. As far as my
experience is concerned, I went to my local friendly
barman (hey there's an excuse for you, hey honey,
I've got to go down to the bar to keep the barman
happy so that he'll sell me CO2 bottles!) who
arranged everything for me. I had to pay for the
original bottle(s) but every time I need a refill, I
just take my bottles down there, he fills them and I
pay him (they're usually returned within a couple of
Maybe I could do it cheaper, but certainly not more

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