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Re: More light

> Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 19:52:34 -0700
> From: Gregory Soltys <gregorysoltys at earthlink_net>
> Subject: more light necessary?
> I set up my first *real* planted tank a month ago.  I mean *real* because I
> splurged and got a CO2 system.  Anyways, it is 30 gal with CO2 and 80 watts
> of fluorescent light, kH of 4, dH of 6, 1 bubble CO2/second, 15 drops TMG
> every day, 15 drops Kent(R) ProPlant every day, and laterite/sand substrate.
> Everything is growing fine, even the glossostigma :) but I'm wondering if it
> is worth my while to increase the wattage to between 3-4 watts per gallon?
> I am aware that "if it ain't broke don't fix it" which is why I am asking
> here first before I go and do it.  Will there be any significant advantage,
> other than faster growth?
> Thanks.
> Greg  

80 on a 30? You sure you want more:)? Well you can add more etc but you are
best off at lower 2-3 watt range in the beginning. Faster growth and higher
light cause more problems unless your on top of it etc. Being new, you
likely do not want this. Don't worry. You can grow all the nice plants you
want very well with what you have. Lighting is the last thing to worry about
if the other stuff is taken care of (CO2 and nutrients) if you have
2-3watt/gal. Learn about nutrients and keeping your CO2 in a good range.
Maybe later if feel the urge. I'd wait awhile though. Lots to learn first.
Algae likes high light tanks more so than the lower lighted tanks. So if you
screw it up you have more/worse problems. You keep your CO2 in good shape
all that's left are nutrients. Be patient though. It takes some time for
things to get going.
Tom Barr