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more light necessary?

I set up my first *real* planted tank a month ago.  I mean *real* because I
splurged and got a CO2 system.  Anyways, it is 30 gal with CO2 and 80 watts
of fluorescent light, kH of 4, dH of 6, 1 bubble CO2/second, 15 drops TMG
every day, 15 drops Kent(R) ProPlant every day, and laterite/sand substrate.
Everything is growing fine, even the glossostigma :) but I'm wondering if it
is worth my while to increase the wattage to between 3-4 watts per gallon?
I am aware that "if it ain't broke don't fix it" which is why I am asking
here first before I go and do it.  Will there be any significant advantage,
other than faster growth?