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Good companies.....was: Big Al's

Erik Leung wrote:
"Amidst the recent turmoil, it's refreshing to hear praise about outfits
seem to be putting their best foot forward. Quiet acts of amicable customer
assistance make companies shine."

It certainly is. The _vast_ majority of the companies involved in our hobby
are good guys and it is really only when you run across a bad egg that you
apprecicate the good ones. [Redacted]
, That Fish Place, Monolith Marine Monsters
(m3), Aquarium Hobbyist Supply and Mail Order Pet Supplies (another Canadian
firm), to mention only a few.

I've rarely had problems with orders I have placed with any of these
companies, but on the rare occassion when a problem was encountered, it was
always resolved quickly and fairly, to my full satisfaction.


Of course, that is only _my_ opinion..............[Redacted]

James Purchase