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re: Looking for feedback on 24" T8 bulb choice

> From: Matt Staroscik <mstaroscik at home_com> 
> Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 02:06:13 -0700 
> I have an Eclipse 3 hood on a 37g tall tank. This is a rotten setup for 
> plants, I know... but I didn't know that over a year ago when I bought the 
> thing. Live and learn. The substrate is fine river gravel with no 
> plant-friendly additions. Like I said, a rotten setup, but the good news is 
> my expectations are low! I just want enough light to grow the easiest, most 
> undemanding plants.
> With the stock bulbs (24" T8 17W x2) putting out 34W of light, I have been 
> unable to keep even java moss alive in this tank. (man, that's SAD!) I did 
> a lot of reading tonight, and it sounds like I might get more useable light 
> down into the tank if I replace the stock Marineland 17W bulbs with some 
> more high-quality T8s. I'd really appreciate some kind of reality check on 
> my research and conclusions.

Check out what ballast you are using and then look up its specifications
from the ballast manufacturer.  If it is really designed for 17W T8
lamps, it probably also is designed to drive 25W, 32W, and 40W T8
lamps.  If it will drive the 32W lamps (and especially if it will drive
the 5' 40W lamps), it should also work with the 22.5" long twin-tube T5
lamps with the 2G11 base (38W to 40W).  These lamps don't take up much
more room than a 24" T12 lamp.  Best case is you can retrofit your hood
to take 2 of these lamps and you can reuse your existing ballast.

Best regards,