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Re: Looking for feedback on 24" T8 bulb choice

> I have an Eclipse 3 hood on a 37g tall tank. This is a rotten setup for
> plants, I know... but I didn't know that over a year ago when I bought the
> thing. Live and learn. The substrate is fine river gravel with no
> plant-friendly additions. Like I said, a rotten setup, but the good news
> my expectations are low! I just want enough light to grow the easiest,
> undemanding plants.
> With the stock bulbs (24" T8 17W x2) putting out 34W of light, I have been
> unable to keep even java moss alive in this tank. (man, that's SAD!) I did
> a lot of reading tonight, and it sounds like I might get more useable
> down into the tank if I replace the stock Marineland 17W bulbs with some
> more high-quality T8s. I'd really appreciate some kind of reality check on
> my research and conclusions.

Funny this thread should come up, as I too have a 37 Gallon with Eclipse 3
Hood.And early on had questions about my lighting, or lack thereof.  I'm not
quite sure why your not able to grow plants in this setup.  I would first
check nutrient levels and water quality.  I am still running on the factory
lamps ( 2x 18W T8 ) within the Eclipse Hood.  Although this is not the ideal
setup for plants, it has worked beautifully so far, although unless I
upgrade to a new light fixture, I will never get an Amano type tank setup to
thrive, I do have many plants which are thriving, and growing quite well.  I
have specifically picked most plants for low to medium light conditions, and
although I can't seem to find any red colored plants that will work in a low
light setup, most are thriving, I say most, because I am experimenting with
some Micro Swords to see if I can get a substrate cover growing.  Send me
some e-mails offline for specific details, YOU CAN grow many plants under
this lighting. It is essentially 1 Watt per Gallon.  Although the depth of
the tank can be a problem.

Following is a list of a few of the plants in my tank.

Anubias Nana
Amazon Sword (Front and Center for more light, Growing very well)
Micro Swords(Still Working with these, although they have molted the long
leaves, and gone to short ones now)
Java Fern (many many of these) Grow VERY well
Foxtails (still looking for exact species on this one)
Jungle Valis.
Cryptocorne species of some kind (only one, this is a light experiment also)
African Fern (seems to need more light, very rare find in my area, so had to
check it out)
and many more....which off hand I cannot recall.

If you want more plants that will grow in this specific aquarium setup,
shoot me an e-mail.

BTW, I am upgrading to a 55W CF RetroFit for the Eclipse 3, I figure when
it's time to make it a reef tank the corals will appreciate it.  I also
ordered chemicals for the PMDD mixture, although I have been adding
fertilizer, and Root tabs.  and I do notice better growth when I add the
nutrients...I think the PMDD will add another dimension to my plant growth.

I am currently working with several options to fit another fixture in
between the filter and the factory light, I have already stumbled across a
couple of options, and for now, have not decided yet.  For those with this
Hood, send me an e-mail and we can throw some info back and forth,
collectively we might be modestly intelligent, and come up with a solution.

Offtopic 1) - Since Issue 1111 of the Digest I have received 1113 and 1117,
all others in between have not made it to my Inbox. Just to be added to
failed digest list :)

Offtopic 2) - Anyone know of a website where I can post pictures of my tank,
without having to setup a domain and keep track of a hosted website, even if
it is free.  I just wanna be able to post a couple of pics, and have a URL I
can send in e-mail.

Basking to the glow of my tank,

Andres Mumma
Clearwater, FL