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RE: Looking for feedback on 24" T8 bulb choice

Matt Staroscik wrote concerning T8 bulbs in an Eclipse 3 hood.


I am using an Eclipse 1 hoods w/ AH Supply (www.ahsupply.com) 36W retrofit
CF kit on two 10 gallon tanks.  It works fine although it does heat the tank
a little.  From lights on in the AM, I am seeing about 3 F increase in the
winter and closer to 4-4.5 F this summer.  I did not install the vents in
the top (did not want light leakage on a visible surface of the hood) but I
am looking at a small 12V muffin fan or two to take some of the heat out.
My only complaint is that the bulb does not go to the edges of the tank and
the Eclipse puts the bulb pretty far forward in the tank.  High light plants
do not seem to like being on the ends or at the back of the tank very much.
Growth under the lights is pretty good - large leaves packed tightly
together and Gloss and hair grass form a nice short carpet.  At the ends and
the back the leaves tend to be smaller and growth is stunted.  It is worth
noting that I have been set up for only 4-5 months now and things are still
getting sorted out.  I do not think I have the right levels of micro and
macro nutrients in the tank yet (but I am getting closer).  But I would say
that if you go this route, you better plan on lots of fertilizer and CO2.
With this much light the plants really need it.

I have a 55W CF (from AH Supply) for an Eclipse 3 that I am just about ready
to finish.setting up on a 20 long.  I am also looking for an additional
light for it, mostly because of the light distribution problem mentioned
above.  I have been thinking of putting something between the standard light
and the filter.  Haven't figured out how to hang it up safely though.
Everything I come up with for a fixture is going to require a custom
mounting bracket.

A 55W CF (AH Supply has 5300 K and 6500 K bulbs with 90+ CRI as I recall)
on a 37 gallon tank would not be high light but I would bet everything
directly under the CF bulb would grow fine.  If you trim the reflector
slightly it fits well under the plastic light cover and I have not seen any
problems with the 10 gallon ones yet.  It's not high light, but it's 37%
more light than what you get from two 40W standard bulbs.

Ah Supply has been very good to me.  When I first got started he spent a
little time on the phone explaining the spectrum and intensity needs of
plants.  I am sorry that I do not remember his name, but the guy I spoke to
was of great help to me when I was just starting out.  His prices are good,
it's good stuff and he is very pleasant to deal with.  Before you buy
anything I would recommend you take a good look at what AH Supply has got.

In regard to your second comment about an additional light, I have a couple
of ideas (nothing firm yet) for a mounting bracket for another 55 CF or a
20W NO.  I would appreciate any input from someone who has tried this.

Good Luck

BTW - I am not getting the list anymore either.  I had everything up to
#1111, then I got #1113 and nothing since.  Does anyone know what is going
on?  Last time this happened I had a few threads from Roger Miler among
others about test kits and interpretation of the results.  Turned out my ISP
lost their mail system and with it about 5 issues of the mailing.  I posted
again, not seeing Roger's answer to my first post.  I think by Roger's
answer to my second post he must have thought I was pretty dense because he
went very basic, but he answered it anyway and with obvious patience.
Thanks for being so kind.  Anyway, it appears that this time it is something
with the source.