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Re: light intensity vs. distance


That is a major can of worms on the reef lists I read.
Yes water does slow down the transmission of light as well as removing
color from the spectrum. ( but you knew that )
Measure the length x width x how deep your water will be and shoot for
the mythical, magical 3watts per gallon.
If you really get off on a bend then Dana Riddle has a book called
Reef Tank Owners Manual that does a nice job of covering light. He
also has a great article in the last issue of PAM that might help you.
All that being said, your girlfriend may be correct,  this is a hobby
try to enjoy yourself and not get caught up in all the minutia.

Keith and Lisa                          o

: Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 21:16:57 -0400 (EDT)
: From: Jason f Smith <jsmith02 at astro_ocis.temple.edu>
: Subject: light intensity vs. distance
: Point being, I'm going to have a half full tank and want to know how
: light to put over it (assuming Anubias, Nymphaea, Ceratopteris, and
: Eleaocharis (I'm planning a West African theme)). However, my
: informs me that I am a "fish geek," and as such, would prefer the
: mathematical equation to calculate these things for myself to a
: wattage answer.