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light intensity vs. distance

Hi again, still planning my new setups (thanks to everyone for all of the
help and suggestions I've received up to this point). Does anyone know the
equation for light intensity as a function of distance through a medium?
I'm trying to figure out if the light intensity at the bottom of a half
empty tank == the light intensity at the bottom of a full tank of the same
height. I seem to vaguely remember from college physics that light
transmission though air is faster (and presumably better) than through
water. However, the water surface would be reflective at a distance so...

Point being, I'm going to have a half full tank and want to know how much
light to put over it (assuming Anubias, Nymphaea, Ceratopteris, and
Eleaocharis (I'm planning a West African theme)). However, my fiance'
informs me that I am a "fish geek," and as such, would prefer the
mathematical equation to calculate these things for myself to a simple
wattage answer.

Thank you in advance,(I was gonna use a semi-colon here, but my fiance'
informs me that this would make me a computer geek as well :)

Jason F. Smith
Center for Cognitive Neuroscience
Department of Neurology
Temple University School of Medicine
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