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Re: UV's

> Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 14:19:22 -0700
> From: "Robin Saunders Ryan" <rsaund at thesaundersgroup_com>
> Subject: UV wattage question
> For Tom Barr,
> Hi Tom,
> With your Aquanetics 8 watt, how big of a tank were you using
> that on? What
> wattage would you recommend for a 120 gallon? Thanks so much
> Robin

On any size tank for GW control(55-20 gallon). I'd use a 15 watt
Aquanetics on it, a certain feller who posted not long ago I
know has a 120 gallon. One feller has 135 and a 4 watt but he
runs all the time even though I told him not to run it all the
time. Not sure if it helps lots. I think his plants looked lot
they needed a lot more TMG......that could be from the UV but it
could from not adding enough TMG......hard to say.

But if I was running or adding a UV to my tank or anyone's I'd
use it right after a water change for a day or so. I'd add my
trace stuff right after I turned it off. I'd change water(lots
50% or so)weekly and add all my Macro nutrients right after the
water change. I'd add more Macro's in two days after that.
That will beat up on the algae real good and help the plants.
As you change your water and scape off any aqlgae and add fresh
nutrients it resets your tank each time. This stresses the
algae. It trys to hang on by going sexual, the UV toast any
leftovers etc. Also during the water change excess
bacteria,algae and muck is all stirred up and it removed or
killed by the UV/Water change/filter. Plant do not respond by
going sexual in our tanks much relative to the algae. They will
respond but not anywhere as much....
Some plants will produce this little seed due to N stress etc.
It's kind of sad but seeds are real good at making it through
till there's water , N etc unlike the plant. Same is true for
the algae, except those spores/gametes are water born and as
such can be roasted by UV. After a few cycles of this with good
algae crew activity algae has a hard time. So stir the tank and
beat up on the algae:)It will not hurt unless you run it all the
time which is not needed really. It might hurt the iron but you
can always add more too. As far as it making it more available
to the algae, that's hogwash.........the plants and the algae
have access to both in the water column. Algae can use it as can
the plants.They have the same machinery as plants but not as
specialized. They will grow quite well without a UV if you add
iron too.
Tom Barr    

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