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PPP Piss Poor Packaging.

Is there a mail order company out there that can package plants so
that they don't come to your door
either with smashed into the smallest box possible or "lovingly"
wadded up in newspaper?
Both my experiences with "reputable" plant MO companies have left my
wallet emptier than my tank.
This last attempt brought me R. macranda that was so badly mangled it
was barely recognizeable as a plant. the 5 stems that I was able to
grasp onto have evaporated in the tank in less than 2 days. The G.
elantoides was completely yellow and the leaves have about disappeared
after barely 2 days in the tank leaving nothing but bare stems in the
forground. The  S. rivularis and the A. reinekii v. "Rosaefolia"
X-NICE had mostly dead leaves with a few mangled live ones on the tops
of the plants. I got charged 5.00 for the 1.00 box and last weeks wet
newspapers I also payed 21.00 for "express delivery" on the last
order. It took 5 days to reach my door! I did call to see if my pkg.
could be traced and left my phone number. Not even a courtesy call was
If these companies were dealing in marine animals niether one would be
in biz very long.

I just want some nice
Glossostigma elatinoides
and some Rotala macrandra.

The lfs carry nothing but the basics and if you speak Latin you are to
be avoided.

Keith in K'zoo