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Re: blue-green algea again!

First of all, I think you're using the wrong antibiotic. The one commonly
used against BGA is erythromycin, which is contained in Maracyn, not Maracyn
2. It's also made by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals as EM Tablets. But I suggest
you alter your nutrient levels instead of playing with antibiotics. Many
here on this list would agree. When I start to get BGA growth, I just add
some KNO3, and it's gone within a few days. If you aren't dosing KNO3, get
some instead of antibiotics, along with a K source, such as KCl or K2SO4.
Alex R.

> Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 16:14:46 +0000
> From: hydrohanna at juno_com
> Subject: blue-green algea again!
> Hi! 6.18.01
> Again i have blue green algea.  I bought 8 tablets of maracyn2 and put
> it in last friday(6.15.01).  Since i have a 40 gallon tank, figured that
> 2 tabs/10 gallons would be enough. Today i look at he tank and it looks
> like the algea is still there and maybe even still growing.  Do i need to
> buy another pack of maracyn 2, or should i be more patient?  Thanks
>                       Hanna Weiss
>                       hydrohanna at juno_com